Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

October 2022

By Charlie, Connor, Eliza, Isobel, Tom & Oscar

Inspired by Graeme Base’s picture book ‘Uno’s Garden’ which explores themes of environmental degradation, extinction of animals, and the conservation of nature, this team highlights the importance of self-sustainability and sustainable farming. 

Like the book, the Uno’s Garden initiative hopes to highlight how human decisions affect the environment and encourage everyone to explore better alternatives for food production. 

To combat the issues of transportation, packaging, and pollution within the food industry, this initiative encourages people to grow their own veggie garden and live off their own products. However, as full self-sufficiency may be hard to achieve, this team will first launch a competition whereby families try to grow as many vegetables as possible in their own homes. This will be followed by a market where the community can come together to show off their goods and exchange their locally grown products.

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