Virtual Reality Bullying

Moyne Social Innovators 2021

November 2021

by Kyle, Zara & Jas

Bullying is a major issue in schools and can have lasting effects throughout the victim’s life.

To tackle this challenge, this team would like to create a virtual reality experience to give students, in years 5-12, the opportunity to see and really feel what it is like to be bullied. It will highlight the experience from a young person’s perspective and will immerse the user in the experience of what the victim is seeing, hearing and thinking.

To trial their idea at a smaller scale, the team would like to launch an art competition within their school, for students to create posters with anti-bulling slogans and catchphrases. The winners will receive a prize and their design will be sent to a graphic designer to be professionally built out. The poster will then be showcased in public places around Moyne.

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