United Vision

Warrnambool Social Innovators 2021

December 2021

By Felix, Mille R, Tamzin

Fundamentally, what we want as humans is to be seen, valued, loved and included by those around us. Despite this, far too often we see people feeling excluded for reasons beyond their control.

Taking a creative brush to this challenge, Felix, Mille and Tamzin decided to create a mural in the Warrnambool community. A local artist will start the mural, creating a central piece, however the wall will become a living piece of art. People can write messages of love, quotes, drawings, etc.

The mural will serve as a space for people to share a part of themselves, to feel included in something bigger than them, or to serve as a nice reminder as they walk past, that there is beauty in the world, in difference, in diversity. Even on darker days.

The mural will also feature support hotlines and QR codes linking to community platforms.

To test the effectiveness of the mural, the team will create a similar mural at Warrnambool College. They would like to partner will local artist to create the initial artwork. The Art Academy will also be involved.

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