Tight 4 Time

Gold Coast Social Innovators 2022

May 2022

By Caitlin, Jess, Issy & Jadina

Scientists claim that 100% of global warming is due to human activity. Tight 4 Time is here to educate people on how their human behaviours could continue to degrade the environment and enhance climate change. Tight 4 Time is a choose your own adventure based virtual reality experience in which a user is presented with behavioral choices and then based on their decision, a scene will show the impact that choice has on the environment.

To trial this idea, the choose your adventure concept will be realised in a picture book. The reader will work through a variety of scenarios and then will be shown how that will impact the environment. The team will collaborate with an environmental and landscape photographer to design the visuals for the picture book and consult an environmental scientist to understand the information that should be included in the book.

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