The San Van

Melbourne Social Innovators 2022

April 2022

By Josh, Josh & Hugo.

Those in our community experiencing homelessness and hardships often have limited access to hygiene products and face barriers to self-care. This team of young people have developed the idea of The San(intary) Van, to act as a mobile provider of hygiene products so those who may not be able to access these products can enjoy a haircut, a face shave or be given packs of hygiene essentials. This will allow those using the services to be clean, and confident in themselves. This could lead to them having the confidence to apply for jobs, and to be empowered in themselves.

To trial this idea, this team will run a drive at Camberwell Grammar in which they collect essential hygiene products from Year 9 students. Each house will provide one specific product from tooth brushes and tooth paste to nail clippers. The teams will then collect these items to create sanitary packs, and they will share them with a local service provider to give to those who may be experiencing homelessness or a lack of access to these products.

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