The Rock 2.0

Moyne Social Innovators 2021

November 2021

by Jack, Seb, Khem, Mikaylah, Mac, Matt & Loui

Modelled after famous actor and fitness junky Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, The Rock 2.0 is an artificial intelligence bot that could be embedded onto users’ phones and would recognise when they need motivation to get active.

The bot can engage in conversations, embodying the voice and catchphrases of The Rock, to encourage people to choose the healthy, active option. The hope is that this tool will help reframe the mindset of users and get them up and going!

To trial this idea, the team would like to run group training sessions with their classmates online at a designated time. This way, they can motivate one another to stay active and hold each other accountable. Prizes will be awarded for the teams that log the most activity.

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