The Getaway

Warrnambool Social Innovators 2021

December 2021

By Raihun, Brayden & Xavier

Having a safe place to turn to or a mentor to seek guidance from, is invaluable. Not everyone finds this at home or work. So this team developed The Getaway.

The Getaway is a community space, where people of all ages and walks of life can come together to play games, make friends, find support and access professional help. The team would like to create a community hub to house this program.

To trial their idea, the team will use the a spare classroom at Warrnambool College near the Wellbeing Centre. Students can come here if they need some quiet time away from the business of the world, or they would like to speak with a counsellor.

The idea is to carve out a space so if students feel like they don’t know where to turn for answers or support, they have the peace of mind that this space is there for them.

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