That’s Mental

Shepparton Social Innovators 2024

March 2024

Gulsum, Montana, Amaia, Bridgette

Fueled by a crazy good vision, this team embarked on the ambitious journey of developing a cutting-edge computer game with a mission to educate about mental health, shattering societal stigma. At the heart of this innovative endeavour is a charming mascot who seamlessly delivers essential facts about mental health within the gaming experience. The game cleverly intertwines education with entertainment, requiring players to absorb crucial information to progress to the next level, thereby enhancing the overall learning journey.

To kickstart their transformative project, the team ingeniously devised a “smart start” approach by conceptualising a board game tailored for classroom settings. In this interactive experience, multiple players engage in rolling dice and navigating their pieces across the board.  Each landing on colour-coded sections triggers insights about mental health, with players earning points for sharing valuable information. 

In the initial phases, the team is gearing up to create a prototype of the board game, intending to conduct a trial run in their homeroom early next term. This strategic testing phase will provide valuable insights and refinement opportunities, laying the foundation for a broader impact on mental health education.


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