Sniff Menu

Shepparton Social Innovators 2024

March 2024


This social innovator was so impassioned by their idea that they created in addition to their group project! 


Lilly’s BIG idea is a ‘scratch and sniff’ menu, specifically designed to simplify decision-making around food for neurodivergent individuals. This innovative approach not only caters to diverse sensory preferences but also enhances the dining experience by providing a tangible and sensory-friendly way to explore and choose meals. 


To get started, Lilly has crafted a Smart Start plan to introduce a thoughtful change at her Nan’s cafe. Her initiative involves designing a new menu that goes beyond conventional formats. Lilly’s menu innovation incorporates not only photographs of each meal but also includes textural descriptions. By combining visual elements with detailed textures, she is creating a menu that caters to diverse sensory needs, ensuring a more inclusive and welcoming dining experience for everyone who visits her Nan’s cafe.


Lilly’s idea is not just about menus; it’s a thoughtful step towards creating inclusive and accessible spaces for everyone, acknowledging and celebrating the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals in the realm of dining.

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