Melbourne Social Innovators 2022

April 2022

By Raymond & Alex.

Imagine if there was one space that people could go to to connect and learn about different causes they care about. That’s where Roots comes in. Roots is a new social media platform that will act as a central community that connects activism causes, not-for-profits and charities all in one place. Users will be able to be connected to different organisations and causes and connect with eachother through a direct messaging system. Users will put in preferences and then will be directed to relevant causes.

To trial this idea, the team will run sessions in their school with the Year 7 students to share relevant clubs and causes the school supports and it will also be about educating Year 7s on what not-for-profits and activism are. The sessions will involve games such as Kahoot to give students information about specific charities they could support and the important work they are doing.

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