Lil’ Energy

Shepparton Social Innovators 2024

March 2024

Viraj, Yi Reh, Kazadi, Austin

This innovative team has come up with a crazy good plan to make education about renewable resources enjoyable from an early age. Their groundbreaking concept involves the creation of Buildable Mini Renewable Energy Kits—engaging toy products designed for children to assemble and learn about renewable energy sources like wind turbines or hydro plants. By turning education into a hands-on and entertaining experience, this team is fostering a love for sustainable practices in the minds of the future generation, making the journey towards a greener future both educational and fun. 

To scale their big idea into an achievable Smart Start project, the team plan to design a prototype toy and partner with a local primary school to do a live demonstration with year one students who will be left with their own prototype to have a go at construction. 

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