Koala Revitalisation

South Gippsland Social Innovators 2021

November 2021

by Ryder, Zac, Clancy & Nathan

This team believe that too much of our natural environment is being lost to unsustainable logging practices, which negatively effects the surrounding ecosystem. They can imagine a future where trees are sustainably replanted to ensure that minimal harm is inflicted on the natural environment.

Their big idea is to create a koala corridor – a fenced off section of the logged area, with installations of food for the koalas. From here, koalas would eat and subsequently defecate, germinating seeds in area, to speed up the regeneration phase of new tree growth. Koalas will then be moved to the next area.

A smart place to begin their idea is to launch a tree planting initiative in the local community, where people can come together. They would also involve each year level of the school and look to sponsorship from local tree nurseries.

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