Kindness Cards

Wellbeing Challenge – VIC

November 2021

by Carly, Jack, Milly, Purv & Zoe

We know that over the hard lockdown’s teachers have had to bear another pile of responsibility on top of their already heavy load, and we want to show our teachers how grateful we are for all their time and effort. We know that giving a teacher something as simple as a thank you card could brighten their day.

We decided that every one of our teachers deserves a thank you. We are making roughly 70 cards every fortnight. Our testing period is until the end of the year, which leaves us with 3 cards in this term. Our first card has already been given out, and that card’s theme was from our group. This week’s card will be filled with messages from the students we asked, and week eight’s cards will be individual cards from the students who want to write their own message and give it to a teacher. We will provide places for them to find the cards outside of classrooms.

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