Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

October 2022

By Oscar, Imogen & Berlynn

In Ballarat, the rate of homelessness is almost double the national average, with family violence and a lack of affordable housing options driving the unfortunate statistic.

Holistic Homes dreams of helping those in need, creating a safe space for people to be supported, and giving those experiencing homeless the opportunity to explore their passions. With the big idea of giving people a safe space to access housing, trained counsellors and psychologists, access to drug or alcohol rehabilitation, and the opportunity for education, Holistic Homes want to destigmatise homelessness and provide people experiencing homelessness with the opportunities to explore their hobbies and dreams.

To achieve this goal, the team will create a program for young people experiencing homelessness to share their passions with a community hub and provide resources to fulfill their passions. This may be through cooking lessons, arts and crafts, work experience, or joining a local sporting team with the hopes of connecting to the broader community and improving wellbeing.

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