Dino Check-In

Warrnambool Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Noah, Noah, Keela, Maddy & Hazel.

How can we make young people excited about going to school and feel supported during their learning experience? Dino Check-In!

Dino Check-In is an app that will allow students at school to have a mental health and mindset check-in at the start of each lesson. They will track their emotions and be given some much needed motivational advice by a dinosaur. They will then be rewarded by a quick game that will energise them for the lesson. The app helps young people check-in with their own emotions but it also notifies the teacher of how their students are feeling.

To trial this idea at their school, this team will create a paper-based version which utilise stickers that depict a variety of emotions. Students will select a sticker based on how they are feeling at the start of the lesson and then be offered a resource sheet which gives advice that corresponds with the chosen sticker. This will be trialled with Warrnambool College’s Big Life Year 7 class, which occurs every Monday morning.

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