The Paper People

Geelong Social Innovators 2022

June 2022

By Molly, Naomi & Reginald

Each year 40% of paper is not recycled, meaning it ends up in landfill. That is 40% of paper that could be repurposed by The Paper People. This team of young people are passionate about recycling and reusing paper, so they have created the idea of the Paper-O-Meter. This is a machine that will convert used paper into new, clean paper to be used again. It will be fed the used paper, remove all remnants of ink and it will then print out new, clean paper!

To trial this idea, the team will run a bin sorting initiative at their school whereby general waste bins will be sorted through for paper and all the paper collected that has not be recycled will be made into a mural to signify the inproper disposal of paper.

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