MCLS Class

Ballarat Social Innovators 2021

November 2021

by Oscar, Amber, Penelope, Archie & Luella

Learning styles vary from student to student, so why doesn’t the curriculum offer the same flexibility? Additionally, too many students are finishing school without essential life skills. Enter MCLS Classes. MCLS Classes create the opportunity for students to select course material they are interested in, with a focus on real-world practical application. Looking for a part time job? Why not get certified as a barista? Each class will be customisable, so course work is delivered in a format that caters to a range of learning styles.

To trial this idea, the team is collaborating with Ballarat Grammar to develop a micro-credentials and life skills program for Year 9 students to be launched in 2022. Here, for one period a week, Year 9 students can select from a range of subjects like financial literacy, cooking, job skills, etc.

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