Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

October 2022

By Taylah, Niamh & Annabelle

Demand for mental health and support services has peaked through the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting how crucial access to appropriate support is for young people. The high demand and long waiting times for mental health support, in combination with lockdown measures and remote services, has hindered access for many people. 

This is where ‘Your Personal Pocket Person’ comes in…

This crazy idea seeks to equip everyone with their own personal therapist through an app which matches you based on needs, personalities, and general concerns. Through connecting individuals with a counsellor who caters to their specific needs, the app hopes to efficiently match both parties to build a trusting relationship and increase the effectiveness of the support. 

To trial their idea, the team will create a ‘get to know you box’ and letter for each counsellor at their school. This will help create profiles of each counsellor so students can match their needs with the best-suited support. 

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