The Power Hose

Brisbane Social Innovators 2022

May 2022

In the catastrophic 2020 fires in Australia 2,779 homes burned, this resulted from rising temperatures and draoughts across the country due to climate change. This team of young innovators wanted to develop a new approach that would help people protect their homes from fires. They developed the Power Hose to do just this. The Power Hose will be an industrial size hose that will be installed around the exterior of homes across the country. It will be a heat-activated hose that will detect when a fire is approaching or occurring inside a home and it will extinguish it. It will save lives and homes.

To trial this idea, the team will collaborate with the local CFA to run an educational program to share with people how to prepare their homes for bushfire season and how to protect their homes in an unfortunate event of a fire. It will also include a competition which will allow the winner to learn more about ways to protect themselves and their homes.

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