The OC-OP Expo

Gold Coast Social Innovators 2022

May 2022

By Sofia, Lucy, Josie & Lily

How can we ensure everyone has the chance to decide what’s best for their future? The OC-OP Expo is a careers expo which will invite people with different needs to come along and discover what could be next for them. It will be an all-inclusive careers expo which is accessible and will include support pets or animals, resume writing workshops, industry professionals sharing their experiences and networks and ongoing support will also be provided to attendees. This expo will help people from a variety of backgrounds improve their employability and empower them in their job seeking journey.

To trial this idea, this team will collaborate with their local church to run a small expo for those who are living with disability. They will invite along industry professionals from the local community, and run small workshops to enhance employability of attendees.

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