The Little Change Van

Geelong Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Riddhima, Augie & Darci.

This team has identified that the younger generation are still lacking the skills and knowledge to live sustainably. Education and awareness needs to start now! That’s where The Little Change Van comes in. The van will be a travelling interactive school which educates young people in primary school on how to live a more sustainable life and the small beahvioural changes that can be made to have less impact on the environment. It will teach and empower young people on how to lead change on climate change.

This is a brilliant idea and in order to trial it in the community, the team will run a one day program for a local primary school to celebrate sustainable living, practices that can be implemented in the home and there will be a tree planting initiative around the school. The students will also watch the film 2040, which shares the new approaches and solutions to climate change.

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