The Black Box

Geelong Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Erin, Layla, Jada & Lilian.

We need to continue to remove the stigma associated with periods and menstruation and make hygiene products more accessible to all. That is where My Black Box comes in. My Black Box is a free period subscription service, that enables girls to receive a tailored pack of period products that works for their cycle. The boxes will be black on the outside and bright and colourful on the inside, to feel joyous and fun, whilst also promoting conversations like ‘what’s in the box?’. Each box will come with a facts sheet to help young women learn more about their bodies and what’s happening. will be set up to enable users to make there orders and it will include a Q&A for sexual and menstrual health which will be answered by experts.

To trial this, the team are going to launch Taboo Tuesday. Whereby, a fortnightly newsletter will be sent to the school community. It will include info on how to use different products, useful links, facts, resources and more.

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