Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Olivia, Simone, Bailee & Sharni.

Teenagers are constantly put in situations where they are forced to make difficult decisions. So, this team has developed an idea called The Row. The Row is a robotic cow that aims to not only act as a comforting companion, but also a source of guidance when you are facing peer pressure or found yourself in situations where drugs and alcohol are involved.

This team has identified the negative impacts drugs and alcohol can have on a teenager and the life long effects it can cause. In order to combat this, the Row will give advice and share information to teenagers who might be facing difficult decisions. It also offers emotional support and it is a cute pet to always have by your side!

To trial this idea, the team has developed an innovative way to educate young people on the impacts of using drugs and drinking alcohol, by creating TikToks which will feature cow sock puppets. They will create 3 Tiktoks which focus on three different related issues and they will share them in local schools amongst highschool students in the Ballarat community.

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