Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

October 2022

By Cooper and Chris

Want to save thousands of dollars? 

Power Savers tracks your electricity usage to reduce environmental impacts, whilst saving you thousands on your electricity bills. 

With their simple app design, you will be able to track how much power you use and set goals to reduce electricity use. Even better, you will be rewarded for your savings with special vouchers and be able to see how much money you were previously wasting on electricity bills. 

This app will receive data from a device plugged into your wall, sending notifications for when you could be saving money and ultimately, the environment.

To trial their idea, this team will create a fact sheet directed at bill-paying adults that is posted in supermarkets, community noticeboards, and schools. They hope to raise awareness of how much electricity use contributes to pollution and quantify this harm with money to motivate people to reduce their energy consumption.

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