Points for Fitness

Brisbane Social Innovators 2022

May 2022

Young people need to get out of their houses and get active! 2 in 3 (70%) children aged 2 to 17 do not meet the Australian physical activity guidelines. Points for Fitness will be a rewards based app which encourages young people to get active and to find a form of exercise that is right for them. The app will track a users fitness based on fitness indicators, which will give them points and those will contribute to an overall goal which is set when the user first gets the app. It will also have a feature that gives tips and instructions on how to properly complete certain activities.

To trial this idea, the team will work to launch a 6 week class at their school which runs once a week with the Grade 6 students. It will be gamified with a leaderboard installation in the classroom on which students will be able to track their fitness and compete for the top spot. A journal will be provided to each participating student to assist them in tracking their progress. A guest will come in and teach a different physical activity each week from yoga to parkour.

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