Plastic Calculator

Moyne Social Innovators 2021

November 2021

by Sophie, Liana, Ella & Mae

Single use plastic bags are incredibly harmful to our environment. To combat this challenge, this team has developed the Plastic Calculator.

The Price Calculator is a card users scan at the supermarket checkout (similar to Flybys). It gives users a digital breakdown on the Plastic Calculator app, indicating how much single use plastic is in their shopping, and how this could be reduced in the next shop. It will also offer rewards for when users hit certain sustainability benchmarks.

To trial their idea, the team will launch a weeklong initiative where young people (yr. 6’s) monitor their household plastic consumption and calculate how much they accumulate. At the end of week one, an environmentalist will run a workshop to educate the young people on the negative impacts of single-use plastic. In the second week get students to calculate the difference and there is an incentive for ‘most improved’.

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