Pathway Pals

Patterson River Social Innovators Program 2022

June 2022

By Ella, Qin, Bella & Frankie.

The issue we are addressing is unprepared teens going into adult life and making stressful, unwise decisions.

Our big idea is connecting verified professionals with teens/young adults through an app. The professional will take the teen on a tour through their job so that the teen can get an idea of what its life and the expectations. The professional will also mentor them with decisions including, finances, stress management, investments, renting houses/apartments and more. They will be able to chat through the app, with messages, facetime, calling.

To trial our idea, we want to run a meet and great at local high schools for high schoolers to connect with outside professionals and get mentored and see their job on a 1 day excursion. The mentors will be there for 2 days. The other day they will stay at school and they will mentor them about adult life and things to expect.

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