Paper for Plastics (P4P)

Brisbane Social Innovators 2022

May 2022

One million tonnes of Australia’s annual plastic consumption is single-use plastic 84% of plastic is sent to landfill and only 13% is recycled. To tackle this issue, the team has designed an app which aims to reduce amounts of single use plastic packaging purchased on products at the supermarket. The app will include a barcode scanning function which calculate the amount of single use plastic a shopper buys at the supermarket and then provides rewards and incentives to reduce the amount a shopper buys. It will also include a function which will provide alternative products that have biodegradable packaging. Users will also be able to track these products and will recieve rewards for switching to the environmentally friendly alternatives.

To trial this idea, the team will create a punch card like you can get at coffee shops, and partner with their local Woolworths to encourage shoppers to switch to environmentally friendly products. Shoppers will present their card at the supermarket and when they purchase a product with sustainable packaging or for not using single use plastic bags. They will receive a reawrd for getting 10 holes in the punch card.

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