Geelong Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Ella, Ruby & Hannah.

There needs to be a new way that young people can identify the potential career pathways and occupations that exist out there. That is where Ocu-Possum comes in.

Ocu-Possum is a pathways app which allows students to explore 100’s of different occupations and connect with professionals in the industries they would like to learn more about. The app will be launched in schools with yr-7’s with an introductory ‘how-to’ course. The app will allow students to learn about potential work experience and future employment opportunities, and it will be accessible to be used in the classroom during scheduled career-focused classes.

To trial this idea, Ocu-possum will work with one class of year 9’s to create a series of short TikTok videos on ‘occupations you might not know even exist’, and ‘what does this occupation really do?’


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