Melbourne Social Innovators 2022

April 2022

By Dennis, Ari & Alex.

1 in 4 people do not have access to safe drinking water. To tackle this issue, this team has come up with The HBT (Hydrophobic Big Tank). HBT will give free access to clean water that keeps people healthy, hydrated and clean. HBT will be a large water tank that will be built in communities who have limited access to clean water, from rural Australia who has experienced extensive droughts to countries across Africa who have faced countless natural disasters, pollution and a lack of resources. The HBT will use hydrophoic technology to assist in caputirng water and making sure it is clean.

To trial this idea, the team will run a water wise program with Year 4 students from Camberwell Grammar. The program will run as a competition in which students will be challenged over a 4-week period to track their water usage, participate in activities in which they will learn about the lengths people have to go to to access water and they will take action to reduce their water use.

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