Fitness for Food

Gold Coast Social Innovators 2022

May 2022

By Zoe, Zali, Abby & Jada.

How can we encourage young people to get active and access nutritious food in a fun and exciting way? An app of course! Fitness for Food will be an app which provides a variety of different workouts for people to participate in and it tracks your activity. The more you get active, the more access to free fruit and vegetables! The app will run in partnership with a local Woolworths and users will be able to claim free fruit and vegetables as a result of how much they use the app. Two birds, one stone!

To trial this idea, the team will run an intra-school paper-based competition where students from Emmanuel College where they will track their hours of physical activity and the class who has done the most by the end of the trial period will be rewarded with a party.

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