Gold Coast Social Innovators 2022

May 2022

By Millie, Ruby & Ashleigh.

A place for feminists to come together and celebrate women, Fem Fest. Fem Fest will run as a community festival for anyone to attend and to address issues that relate to gender inequality. The festival will have live music, food stalls and inspiring guest speakers. It will be a safe space and will also be the place that launches the Fem Fest wristbands, colour-changing wristbands that can be worn by women as they have their own unique experiences and they can be used to ask for help.

To trial this idea, to bring people together and start the conversation around issues that continue to impact gender equality, the team wants to run a school-based art show. Women from the school community will submit their works which will represent their identity as women. A guest speaker will be invited to the show to speak on the issues impacting women today.

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