Empathy Stride

Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Bryce, Zoe & Tiarlah.

People deserve to feel safe. This team has recognised that bullying and violence remain to be a prominent issue in our society. The team has developed an innovative idea with the aim of elimating bullying and violence, Empathy Stride.

Utilising the exciting technology of virtual reality (VR) headsets, this team will work to develop a program which allows people to walk in others shoes and experience what it is like to be bullied in both physical and online contexts. There is no space for bullying in our society and Empathy Stride will work to share the perspective of a victim of bullying with the aim of eliminating it.

To trial this idea, VR headsets will be replaced with a play that will be put on for years 5-9 students at Mount Rowan Secondary College in collaboration with the school’s drama department. The play will include a scene of bullying and it will highlight how experiences with bullying can continue to affect an individual.

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