Education Outside the Nation

Geelong Social Innovators 2021

December 2021

By Lily, Mia, Paris, Mia & Dylan

Access to education throughout the world is not equal. Particularly in developing countries.

To tackle this challenge, Lily, Mia, Paris, Mia and Dylan would like to spread awareness and raise funds to address this issue in East Timor. The team wants to hold a fun run in Geelong in the Botanical Gardens where the community will be invited to participate. This will not only bring the local community together for an important cause, but it will help young people access quality education at school.

To trial this idea the team will run an in-school event with a fun run and a gold coin donation. The team also hopes to collect unused school supplies from students at the end of the year, and partner with an NGO to distribute resources in East Timor.

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