Earth 2.0

Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Connor, Sienna & Alex.

This team has identified that if we continue as a society the way are living, we will see our earth deteriorate due to the impacts of climate change. Something needs to change.

That’s where Earth 2.0 comes in. This team wants to spread awareness about the negative impacts we are having on the environment and what the world could look like if we started to change our behaviours and treatment of Earth. The team wants to create an exhibit which contains two large-scale terrariums one, which shows the future of Earth if we continue at our current approaches and displays the biggest fears for the environemnt. The other one, which is an ideal Earth 2.0, highlights how the world could look if we change our behaviour and start implementing sustainable practices now. It is a display of the best hopes for the environment.

In order to trial this idea in the community, the team will run a program with primary school students in which they will create an image of their best hope for the environment in future world on the computer program Minecraft. Using the same program students can also express their fear for the environment if we don’t change our habits. The images will be collated as a collage for the community to admire the best hopes and understand the concerns of young people if we don’t act now!

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