Warrnambool Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Molly, Evie, Rory, Jack.

Everyone deserves to feel safe when they are walking home at night. This team wants to create an accessible way for young people to feel safe and secure when they are going home at night, a way to dial in a dad. Dial-A-Dad is an app which simulates a call to a dad who lets the user know that they are tracking their location by making an announcement. This not only makes the young person feel safe but it also lets the people around them know they are being tracked.

To help build out the functionality of D-A-D the team has depicted four scarios with an accopmaning persona where they think the D-A-D app will be useful. They will then run a design session with a class of year 9 students and ask them to step into the shoes of ther perona and to reponsd to each scenario with how they this the app will be most usefull in each situation.

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