Body Edu

Ballarat Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Charlotte, Tahlia & Summer.

Young people are constantly experiencing and noticing changes to their bodies, but where can they go to find out more about what is happening? In order to fill this gap, this team has created the idea of Body Edu, an educational, accessible app which young people can go to to find out more about their bodies.

The app will not only be a great source of in-depth information that is all based on scientific research and informed by health professionals, but it will also be accessible and easy for young people to understand. Body Edu will allow you to input personal information and then you will be directed to specific pages. It will also have a section which catalogues anonymous experiences so people can hear different perspectives and stories.

To trial this idea in the community, the team has decided to develop a storybook which contains information about the body. It will be made available to students beginning high school and it will be available to read at home and provided during health class.

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