Bee Cycle

Warrnambool Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Ruby, Matilda & Hilary

Green spaces improve not only the quality of the air and allow plants to grow but they can also have an immense positive impact on an individual’s mindset and mental health. That’s why Bee Cycle is so important.

Bee Cycle will be a green space for students at the  Emmanuel College Year 9 campus to relax and enjoy some much needed time in nature. Using the space efficiently, this vertical garden will be made from upcycled materials donated by students and it will be full of native plants. It will be reducing the amount of materials going to landfill and it will attract and protect increasingly endangered pollinators.

The team from Bee Cycle will trial their idea by collaborating with the school leaders to bring their idea idea life. They will partner with a local nursery and Landcare Australia to provide guidance on what plants to use, and put out a CTA for students to being recycled objects from home that can be used as planters.

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