Beating Violence

Geelong Social Innovators 2021

November 2021

by Campbell, Kevin & Louis

This team identified that women of all ages face ongoing challenges to their personal safety, in their own homes and the wider community!

To address domestic violence, this team has developed an idea to have celebrity guest speakers go into schools and educate young people, embedding knowledge at an early age, to break the cycle and transform belief systems. Following the session, the team want to share a custom-made app that will link to podcasts and other support resources.

To trial their idea, the team want to invite a guest speaker to KIC to run a mandatory personal development program across 2 days, with 2 periods allocated to each year level. To gather feedback and gauge student learning, the team will conduct a follow up survey, and will also share flyers with students to give them key resources and follow-up tools in case they want to learn more.

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