Animal Mission

Warrnambool Social Innovators 2022

March 2022

By Taneisha, Miread, Zoe, Hiru & Jasmine.

More and more animals are becoming extinct due to effects of climate change on the ecosystems and habitats they live in. In order to educate people about this effect of climate change on species, this team of young people want to develop Animal Missions – an app which allows users to take a picture of an animal and learn more about how it is being impacted.

Animal Missions will not only educate users, it will also offer a chat function in which users can chat about climate change and support each other as we face this very overwhelming situation. The app will provide information on how people can reduce their carbon footprint and how they can reduce their contribution to climate change.

A picture book will be created in collaboration with local artists to trial the genius of this idea. The picture book will contain endangered animals and how climate change has impacted them and their habitats. It will finish with a page of resources to learn more and how to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

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