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Mental health program

Our idea is to help the students suffering from anxiety and depression by helping them challenge themselves during a serise of fun and exiting activitys.

Suggestion Box

We made a suggestion box to help kids tell the teachers what they think the school needs.

Virtual Vision

It is a vision board that features a calendar, topics to talk about (Anxiety, Depression, Stress), podcast and there is a remote if instead, you want to text as it is another alternative for a virtual meeting.

Help Hub

Help Hub is a website with many links, locations and phone numbers to organisations that help hub will have partnered with. There will be QR codes scattered around town that people who are struggling with substance abuse can scan and it will take them to the website where they can get the help they need through these resources. The QR codes will be placed in places such as alcohol shops and supermarkets.


A website with the purpose of educating the community of the risks of using drugs and alcohol as well as helping people overcome past issues.

Teenage teachers

Our idea is to get teenagers to teach other teenagers and young people about mental health and awareness about it that its relatable and easier to understand.

YOT – Your Online Therapist

Our idea is to create a page on our school website that has a list of therapists that you can choose from. Once you pick your ‘help’ you are able to message them so that the therapist can understand what you are going through and send relevant advice.

Hunger hunters

This device allows the homeless and impoverished to have easy access to food using supporting food businesses food scraps (within food safety laws) charities like the soup bus. This is a solar-powered notice board that businesses use a website to alert the board, with a touch-controlled screen giving them directions to where the food is.

Opening Up

Our idea is a podcast called Opening up. It would talk about issues like Mental health and consent. In each episode, we would talk to a guest speaker like a school psychologist and mental health workers. We would ask questions from a forum where students can put their own questions onto it. Furthermore, this podcast could be implemented into each class where more people could hear it.

An Enthusiastic Yes!

Our team’s original idea was to create a ‘consent cap’ that glows red or green depending on your decision. this cap would work through a ‘Bluetooth’ inspired system to your brain so that it shows your real decision. We then changed this big idea into a website that can help educate and assist teens on sexual consent and other related issues.

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