The CICbeyond platform is presented to you by Crazy Ideas College.

Our mission is to support and assist young people and their communities, as they breathe life into a range of brilliant, expansive, crazy good ideas.

These include ideas that enable us to respond to current disruptions. Ideas that encourage us to reinvent how we deliver health, education, economic and community services. Ideas that move us beyond conventional approaches and help us reimagine what it means to enjoy a life well lived.

In short, the CICbeyond platform is a home for the ideas that will help us create a more beautiful, inclusive, healthy and prosperous world.

We’d also say that it is not enough to have great ideas. Ideas have to be shared, debated, improved and implemented. This platform allows us to connect these ideas to community members, decision makers, service providers, leaders and innovators so that great ideas are trialled in the world.

Although CICbeyond emphasises the role young people will play in remaking the world, this is a home for all of the people that want to be a part of creating and activating inspired ideas.  

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